It seems like every day someone releases a new tool for gaining root access to Android phones. Of course, every phone has it own quirks, so what works for a Motorola Droid might not work for an HTC Evo or Google Nexus One. So it’s no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S needs its own tool. Fortunately, one developer figured out how to put together a tool that seems to work with every version of the Galaxy S Android phone no matter which mobile carrier you have.

The one-click root access tool for the Samsung Galaxy S actually requires a few steps. You have to download the installer, extract the contents of the archived file, connect your phone to your PC, and then click the root.exe file.

But once you click the Root button, everything else is automatic. When the process is complete, you’ll have root access to your Android phone, allowing you to access previously locked settings. This lets you install apps that require root access and make other changes to your device. It may also be considered a warranty-voiding procedure, but you can also un-root your phone, and as long as you don’t replace the built in software with a custom ROM you should probably be able to make a convincing case that you haven’t done anything improper with your phone if you have to send it in for support.

Brad Linder

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