Unlike some operating systems *cough windows* Google Android doesn’t need to reboot all that often. But every now and again if your system starts to slow down it may be because too many apps or processes are running. Sure, Android is supposed to manage these things intelligently, but sometimes the quickest way to get things back to normal is simply to power down your system and turn it back on again.

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Of course, sometimes you don’t want to do that at this very moment. That’s where PowerBoot can come in handy. It’s an app that allows you to schedule a reboot, shutdown, or other activity (such as rebooting into recovery or bootloader modes. There’s also a quick reboot widget which you can place on the Home Screen.

Right now, you can basically just fire up the app and tell it you want your phone to reboot say, tomorrow night while you’re asleep. It only supports one-time scheduled reboots. But I’m hopeful that future updates will allow you to schedule recurring actions, letting you do things like reboot your phone once a week, or every other day.

There are a few caveats. First, you need to have root access to your phone in order for PowerBoot to work. With the recent launch of Universal Androot, that shouldn’t be a problem on most phones. Second, there are some reports that PowerBoot may not play nicely with phones using the HTC Sense user interface.

The app is available as a free download from the Android Market, but there’s also a donateware version if you want to support the developer.

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