Rdio is a subscription-based music streaming and social networking site. The company launched a private beta a few months ago, allowing users to stream 7 million songs to mobile devices including BlackBerry, Android, and iOS phones.

Today Rdio is shedding the beta label, which means anyone can sign up — no invitation needed.

Unlike Pandora and some other online music apps, Rdio charges users $9.99 per month. What you get for that is the ability to stream any song you want any time you want instead of listening to a semi-random stream of songs. The price seems to be pretty much par for the course, with Rhapsody, ThumbPlay, and MOG charging similar monthly subscription fees.

One thing that sets Rdio apart are the service’s social features which let you share you share your listening history with contacts on Rdio, Facebook, and Twitter.

Rdio is available from the Android Market, iTunes App Store, and BlackBerry App World.

Brad Linder

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