SmartBar is a free task manager for Google Android. That might sound a bit underwhelming, but SmartBar is actually pretty impressive thanks to its wide array of features and customizable options.

At its most basic level, SmartBar adds an icon to your notification bar. Pull down the notifications, select the SmartBar main menu, and you can open a task manager to kill apps, open a list of favorite apps, end all running apps, or launch a Quick settings menu, among other things.

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I kind of love the Quick settings feature, which you can see on the right side of the image above. It gives you at-a-glance information about your phone’s state, with details about your remaining battery life, storage space, and total number of installed apps. It also provides shortcuts for toggling your wireless settings, adjusting the volume or screen brightness, or making other changes that normally require far more clicks to access.

You can also use SmartBar to pin any app installed on your phone to the notification bar — making that app just as easy to launch as SmartBar. Or you can add apps to a favorites list and either pin that list to the notification bar or open it from the SmartBar main menu. You can also pin items to the camera or search buttons on your phone.

I shot a brief video which shows some of the things you can do with SmartBar. You can check it out after the break.

SmartBar is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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