There’s still no official Skype client for Google Android, and Skype has pulled its Windows Mobile client. But Verizon Wireless does offer a version of Skype for Android and BlackBerry devices on its network. Now Skype and Verizon are pouring salt in the wounds of poor schmucks like me who are using T-Mobile or another network.

Skype and Verizon will start offering a Skype mobile app for the BREW feature phone platform. These are phones that offer some of the features of a full-blown smartphone, but without the huge catalog of third party apps.

Supports phones will include the LG enV Touch, LG Chocolate Touch, and Samsung Reality. Users can make free calls over Skype and calls don’t count against your mobile minutes — as long as you’re calling other Skype users. users can also make international calls at Skype rates instead of paying Verizon’s international long distance rates.

You can grab the new Skype app for supported devices by using the Verizon Get it Now service or texting SKYPE to 2255 on your phone to get a download link.

via jkOnTheRun

Brad Linder

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