It’s been almost two weeks since Verizon started rolling out an over-the-air update for Motorola Droid customers, upgrading the phones to Google Android 2.2 Froyo. The update brought a faster Java compiler, better security features, the ability to install some apps on an SD card, and other features including persistent phone and web browser icons on every home screen.

But the version that’s currently rolling out doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Android. The app can only be installed on devices running Android 2.2, but for some reason the first Froyo update for the Motorola Droid wasn’t enough to add Flash support. Verizon now says it will be rolling out a second update soon which will allow users to download and install Flash Player 10.1 from the Android Market.

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11 replies on “Verizon to roll out second Motorola Droid update: Now with Adobe Flash support”

  1. this is all well and good,if u indeed got the first update. WHICH I DIDN’T! I’m still waiting on 2.2 I’m beginning to think my phone got skipped some how. i will be really mad if my boyfriend who has a Droid incredible gets it before me.

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