Vevo is a music video site backed by Universal Music Group and Sony Music and the Abu Dhabi Media Company, with additional content from other labels including EMI, CBS, Walt Disney, and others. Today the company launched an iOS app that lets you stream music videos to an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

When you first launch the app you’re greeted by a slideshow with a few featured artists and songs. You can click on any to start playing the video — although it takes a moment for videos to load, even over a WiFi connection and so you’ll quickly become acquainted with the little music trivia screen that pops up while you wait. If you decide you’d rather go back, you’ll still have to wait for the video to load. Tapping on the trivia screen does nothing. You have to wait for the video to start playing before you can get a “done” button.

You can also tap the Videos tab to see additional featured music videos, categorized by “Top,” “Premieres,” and “New.” Selecting any video from this screen should start it playing.

When a song is finished, or when you hit the “done” button, you’ll see a page which lets you download the song you just played from iTunes, share a video, add the song to your playlist, or replay the video. You can also find comments and related videos.

Next to the “Videos” tab is an “Artists” tab, which seems mostly useless. I searched for several artists by name, and selected several artists from the featured lists. I couldn’t get a single video to play. But I got plenty of links to purchase content from iTunes.

There’s also a “Nearby Videos” feature which is kind of neat, but kind of silly. It shows you which Vevo videos are being watched by people near your geographical location. I was mildly shocked to find out that I’m surrounded by Justin Bieber fans.

Vevo for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store. You can find more screenshots after the break.

Update: A spokesperson for Vevo tells me the company is “doing some stream tuning” and that all the videos should be able to play later today.

Update 2: Yup, it looks like Vevo has worked out the kinks and now all the videos stream properly.

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