Yesterday Google introduced a new feature for Android called Voice Actions. The service lets you say things to your phone like “Send Text to Brad meet you for dinner tonight at 6” and watch as your phone opens the SMS app, addresses a message and then fills out the body. It’s pretty sweet. Voice Actions is also pretty similar to an app that Vlingo has been offering for Android for the past few months.

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So what’s Vlingo’s response? Simple. The company decided to offer its Android app for free. Up until today you had to pay $9.99 to use Vlingo for Android. Now you don’t.

Vlingo has a few things going for it that Google Voice Actions doesn’t. First, Vlingo supports Android 2.0 and up, while Voice Actions is only available for Android 2.2. The Vlingo app for Android also supports Facebook and Twitter actions, with support for additional third party services planned for future releases.

Vlingo is also available for non-Android devices, including iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia Series 60 and Windows Mobile.

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