Wordfeud is a free, ad-supported game for Google Android which should be awfully familiar to anyone who has ever played Scrabble. The board layout is a little different, but the gameplay is pretty much the same. You get 7 tiles and you have to place them on aboard to form words. You can use double letter, triple letter, double word and triple word score spaces to increase your score. And even the letter distribution and point values are pretty similar to Scrabble.

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As such, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Hasbro issue a complaint at some point. But until that happens, Wordfeud is a pretty fun way to kill some time on an Android phone. On the other hand, Wordfeud is a lot like the popular Words with Friends app available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, so maybe it’s got a shot.

The only down side is that there’s no play against the computer mode. You can either challenge a friend to a game or play against a random user somewhere else in the world. And that can lead to some rather slow gameplay depending on who you end up at a table with. But Wordfeud lets you play up to 20 games at once, which can definitely speed things up a bit.

There’s also a built-in chat function if you want to send messages to your opponent.

The game is ad-supported, which means that after every few turns you’ll see a full screen ad and you need to click a skip button to get back to the game.

Update: Zynga has announced it’s bringing Words With Friends to Android. While WordFeud has a bit a head start on the platform, I suspect Zynga’s popular iOS game will give it a run for its money.

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26 replies on “WordFeud: Free Scrabble (or Words with Friends) clone for Android”

  1. Cool, thanks for the explanation. I didn't try to invite friends since I was just looking for a quick game with a stranger. And I didn't have any server lag problems during my test run, but I might have just been lucky.

    Honestly what I really want is an official Scrabble app, since games against a computer always go much faster.

  2. Pretty much everything that everyone else complains about in the comments of the app.
    Server overloaded, laggy, unable to close out/cancel old games, invite from address book doesnt work, etc… I realize its still version 1, but I did read something online today that “Words with Friends” is most likely in the works for Andriod with cross platform support (andriod players will be able to play with iPhone players) so I'm holding out for that one.

  3. Folks, don't expect your games to be QUICK, unless you are playing against someone who also wants a quick game. The speed is more of the Play By Mail variety, where your partner might take hours or days to respond. Or minutes, sure. But that's why you can set up 20 games…the odds are that you'll have to wait less if you have more games running.

    1. I actually like being able to take my time and continue when I have time. I play WWF on my droid2

  4. is worldfeud & words with friends the same game? i’m trying to download it to my ipod touch.. please help!

  5. what are the tiles that look that a AE combined and is for 8 points?? I tried to use it as a A and then a E and it would not let me. this game is weird did not accept simple words like Build , bulk and said it was not in the dictionary.. I cannot understand some of the letters on the tiles can anyone else explain

  6. I don’t think this app uses a dictionary. I played the word “musting” just trying to use all my letters and the app accepted the word. However, when I tried to find a definition, there is none to be had.

  7. actually the play against a computer comment is wrong. if you try to start a random match against someone and noone available the a computer oppenent will be assigned. the best way to accomplish this is to set search criteria to random board and keep searching one after another until you get the computer opponent, then add to friend list and voila you can play computer anytime by inviting it. my computer opponent is named couers.

  8. the dictionary can be changed in the settings. i have had no problem playing any words. anyone want to play me invite menjay to a game.

  9. Please tell me why somtimes my tiles are clear and I get a choice of letters. What have I
    played or not done?

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