Ever wish the home screen on your Android phone looked more like the Zune HD launcher? Yeah, me neither. But there’s an app for that anyway.

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Zune Home is a $0.99 app available in the Android Market that replicates the basic look and feel of the Zune HD app launcher. Instead of a series of shortcuts and widgets, the Zune Home screen features a list of apps which you can scroll through to launch your most frequently used programs. The app is customizable, allowing you to pin any app to the home screen, or to choose any app you like for the default actions such as contacts, messaging, email, or Twitter.

At its core, Zune Home launcher is kin do f a one-trick pony though. It doesn’t actually bring the Zune HD media player to your phone, for instance. And it doesn’t include the same 3D effects when you actually launch apps. It just gives you a scrollable program list on your home screen.

You can check out a brief video demo from Android Central after the break.

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