Been waiting (im)patiently for the Apple iPad to gain the multitasking capabilities that are already available for the iPhone and iPod touch? It looks like you might have to wait a little longer. Apple says the next update for the iPad will be iOS 4.2, which will also be available for the iPhone and iPod touch later this year.

The new operating system includes all the features in iOS 4.1, such as HDR photos, TV show retnals, and Game Center. But it also has some new features, including:

  • Wireless printing
  • AirPlay for streaming audio, video, and photos over WiFi to other devices

This will also be the first version of iOS for the iPad that supports multitasking, folders, and other iOS 4.x features.

Apple says OS 4.2 will be available in November for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Brad Linder

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