There was a time when $10 wasn’t really all that much to pay for software. But mobile app users tend to cry foul any time an app runs more than $4.99, which makes me wonder what the heck the folks at Beejive are thinking.

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The company provides one of the most popular instant messaging apps for iOS and Blackberry. This week Beejive launched an Android version of BeejiveIM. It can handle AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo!, Facebook, MySpace, Google Talk, and other instant messaging protocols, making it easy to keep up with your contacts on any of those networks. The only catch? The app costs $9.99.

Meanwhile Trillian, Meebo, eBuddy, Nimbuzz, and several other Android apps provide similar features… for free.

To be fair, BeejiveIM runs $9.99 on every supported platform including Blackberry and iOS. But Android users are especially cheap.

via Droid Life

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