Documents To Go from DataViz is a mobile application that lets you view and edit office docs including spreadsheets, text documents, presentations, and PDF files on mobile devices. DataViz makes version of Documents to Go for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, and Palm OS classic, as well as Maemo. The company had planned to launch a WebOS version for newer Palm phones as well, but today announced that it has canceled WebOS development.

WebOS actually ships with apps for viewing office documents, which are based on Docs To Go technology, and DataViz had planned to simply replace the default viewers with more powerful versions for users who purchased the app. But the company got tired of waiting for Palm to provide the tools necessary to make those changes and has decided to simply focus on other platforms.

DataViz also notes that another developer is apparently working on a fully functional document editing suite for WebOS, so hopefully users won’t have to wait too long to get similar functionality. According to PreCentral, it looks like QuickOffice could be the company developing that app.

via PreCentral

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