Blog comment system Disqus has launched a new set of mobile apps.  An Android app is available for download today, with iPhone and WebOS apps coming soon. All three are designed to let bloggers more easily moderate comments from a mobile device. We happen to use Disqus to handle comments on Mobiputing and Liliputing, so I decided to take the Android app for a spin.

Disqus for Android

Disqus always allowed me to receive email notifications for new comments, and even to respond to comments via email — which means that I can do some of my work from a smartphone. On the other hand, when it comes time to delete comments or mark spam, things get a bit trickier, as the Disqus web site isn’t really well optimized for mobile.

The Disqus mobile apps, on the other hand, are designed specifically for devices with small screens. At the most basic level, you can sign into the Disqus app with your login credentials, select the blog you want to moderate and see a list of recent comments, color-coded by approval status. You can tap on any comment excerpt to see the complete comment and to mark it as spam, delete the comment, or approve it.You can also filter comments by status.

If you’re not using email notifications, or would rather simply manage all of your blog comments from the Disqus app, you can also enable notifications to receive alerts when new messages arrive.

Oh yeah, the Disqus Mobile app isn’t just for killing spam. You can also hit the menu button when viewing any comment to open additional options including “reply,” “open browser,” and “view context.” Overall though, I imagine the app will be more useful for people who run web sites than for folks who comment frequently on them.

You can find a few more screenshots from the Android app after the break.

Brad Linder

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