There’ a new version of the doubleTwist media player app for Google Android, and in addition to support for playing music and podcasts on your device, doubleTwist 1.1 now lets you play online radio streams.

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You can access a director of radio stations by clicking the Radio tab on the home screen. From there you can browse through a lengthy list of categories and subcategories. For instance, under Folk, there are alternative folk, contemporary folk, traditional folk, folk rock, and world folk categories.

There are also “top rated” and “recently played” tabs atop the Radio tab, giving you quick access to your favorite stations.

My one complaint with the new online radio feature is that there’s currently no way to search for a station. So if you already have a few favorite stations that you want to listen to, you’ll have to guess at which category they should be listed under and hope that you’ll find them. I have three presets in TuneIn Radio for my two favorite local radio stations and one internet-only one, and I couldn’t easily find any of them in the doubleTwist directory.

DoubleTwist 1.1 also adds support for playlist management and an “add to play queue” option. While doubleTwist is a pretty full featured media player for Android, it really comes into its own when you install the doubleTwist desktop app for PC or Mac, which lets you synchronize songs and playlists between a computer and Android device. It’s sort of like iTunes for Android — and even supports syncing your iTunes library.

DoubleTwist is available as a free download from the Android Market. You can read about the latest changes to the Android app in the release notes.

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