Dropbox is a service that lets you store files online and synchronize them between computers and mobile devices. Dropbox also lets you stream media files from the web to supported devices, view documents, and perform other functions.

Today Dropbox launched a mobile app for BlackBerry and also issued updates to its Android and iOS apps. Dropbox also launched a new App Directory which lists 100 third party apps that work with Dropbox, letting you do things like edit documents stored online, store your passwords in the cloud, or read eBooks on a mobile device.

The new version of the Dropbox Android app now includes photo galleries and the ability to upload multiple photos. You can also send Dropbox files to other applications.

The updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app supports offline file caching for recently used files, the ability to capture HD video and high resolution photos, and support for multitasking.

The BlackBerry app is a bit more basic, but at least it’s available now. You can access Dropbox files from anywhere with the BlackBerry app, upload photos from your phone, and share links to any file in your Dropbox.

Brad Linder

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One reply on “Dropbox launches new file synchronization apps for BlackBerry, iOS, Android”

  1. Dropbox is a great service… first heard about it half a year ago. Use it almost daily to move files to and from my Moto Milestone.

    Totally self serving link:
    If you want to try Dropbox, but don’t already have an account try signing up using my referal link. You’ll get an additional 250 MB (in addition to the 2 GB standard amount)


    Full disclosure: I’ll get 250 MB too. So everyone wins :-)

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