Mozilla has changed the name of its pre-release version of Firefox Mobile from Fennec 2.0 to Fennec 4.0. What’s in a name? Not much, really. The update doesn’t add any new features. It’s just Mozilla’s way of helping make it clear that the mobile version of Firefox is being developed in parallel with the desktop version — and the next major version of Firefox for the desktop will be Firefox 4.0.

With that in mind, when Mozilla is ready to drop the Fennec codename, the browser will be called Firefox 4 for Android and the Nokia N900.

If you’ve been beta testing Fennec, any browser add-ons that work with Fennece 2.0b1pre will work with Fennec 4.01b1pre.

The latest nightly builds of Firefox Mobile are available from the Mozilla FTP site.

via Android Central

Brad Linder

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