While Mozilla is busy developing a mobile version of its Firefox web browser for Google Android and Maemo/MeeGo Linux, the company currently has no plans to build a complete web browser for iOS, BlackBerry, or Symbian (although Palm WebOS appears to be a possibility).

On the other hand, Mozilla does plan to develop versions of its Firefox Home app for Symbian and BlackBerry. The app, which is currently available for iOS, lets you sync your bookmarks, history, and open tabs with your desktop version of Firefox for use on the go. In other words, you can start reading a web page on your desktop and finish reading on your mobile device.

In addition to BlackBerry and Symbian apps, Mozilla plans to provide better integration with iOS4, allowing you to open YouTube, Maps, and other links from the app, for instance, as well as better integration with mobile Safari. The company also plans to add Twitter, Facebook, and other social network integration to Firefox Home, making it easier to share links and comments.

via Download Squad

Brad Linder

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