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Google Docs is an online office suite that lets you create, edit, view, and collaborate on office documents. You can work on text, spreadsheet, or presentation documents using any computer, and because the whole thing is hosted online, Google makes it easy to share documents with other users or even have multiple people edit a document simultaneously.

You’d think that since Google also has a mobile operating system up its sleeve, the company might have baked some Google Docs functionality into Android. But for the most part you’d be wrong. There’s a mobile version of Google docs which is formatted for phones with small screens and relatively simple browsers, but for the most part you can view documents using this UI, but not edit them.

Currently you can enter data in spreadsheet cells using the mobile version of Google Docs on an Android phone, but the interface is pretty clunky and hard to use. There’s no way to edit Word or other text documents or presentations. And you can’t create files.

Not only does Google say that mobile editing features are on the way, but that users will “soon be able to co-edit files simultaneously,” which sounds pretty awesome — although I’m going to withhold final judgment until we see what kind of editing capabilities Google brings to its mobile interface.

Google says the new mobile editing features won’t just be available on Android, but also on the iPad. It’s not clear if the company is explicitly ruling out the iPhone and iPod touch or just didn’t see fit to mention it in today’s blog post.

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