HTC has announced a new service that will let folks with HTC Android phones remotely backup their phone’s data, as well as locate a missing phone by triggering the ringer and/or finding your phone on an web-based map. Users will also be able to remotely lock their stolen or missing phones or remotely erase all personal data from the phone. will also let you forward calls and text messages to another phone or send a message to your missing phone saying something like “hey, gimme back my phone!”

Users will be able to backup contacts, text messages and call history using the web site — and access that data from any web browser. HTC will also offer wallpapers, sounds, and other downloads through the site.

The service sounds a lot like Apple’s MobileMe and Microsoft’s MyPhone service. But Google doesn’t currently offer this kind of capability for Android handsets, so it looks like HTC is looking to fill this gap.

via Engadget

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