Meebo is a multi-protocol chat service that lets you keep up with your contacts on AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and a number of other services. The company’s initial claim to fame was its web-based software that lets you login and chat from any computer with a modern web browser. But Meebo also offers one of the best chat clients for iPhone and a less-stellar, but still useful app for Android.

Today Meebo launched a public beta of Meebo for BlackBerry. This app was actually in development before Meebo even began work on the iPhone app, but took a little longer to deliver.

Meebo for BlackBerry features some of the best elements of the web software including putting multiple conversations into tabs and saving your full chat history. The app works with BlackBerry devices that have touchscreens or those that have trackballs. One of the best features is synchronization with the web version of Meebo so you can pick up conversations where you left off on a different device.

Meebo beta for BlackBerry is available as a free download. You can get the download link by entering your email address at the Meebo for BlackBerry page.

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    When a new piece of technology is due to come out immanently,
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