MeeGo is a Linux-based environment designed for netbooks, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices including in-car infotainment systems. The netbook version is already available for download and we’ve seen the tablet and automobile user interfaces. But we’re just starting to get an idea of what MeeGo will look like on phones, now that the MeeGo team has unveiled a set of design principles.

Nokia posted some sample images on its blog today, although it looks like some of these have actually been around since July.

Phone makers may customize the user interface, and there already appear to be a couple of different themes available, but the images give an idea of how users will interact with their phones. For instance, there’s a lock screen which shows you the date, time, as well as status notifications about unread email messages, text messages, or IM notifications.

There are two ways to switch between running apps. You can either use a carousel view or a grid, as shown in the center and right photos above. There’s also an app launcher which can display up to 12 apps at a time on a 3 x 4 grid, and developers can customize the size and shape of icons.

You can find far more details at the MeeGo Handset UI guidelines page.

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