Facebook and Twitter can be great ways to keep up with thought leaders, friends and family. They can also be enormous time sinks as you spend hours scrolling through mostly pointless status updates from the hundreds of people you follow on those networks. The folks behind my6sense are attempting to help bring the items you’re most likely to care about to your attention with a new Android app.

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My6sense for iPhone has already been around for a little while, but the new Android version adds support for Google Buzz to the mix. Just sign up for a free account and link it to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Buzz accounts. Then go ahead and start reading the items you find interesting. You can scroll through a single social network or look at All Items on a single stream.

The my6sense app will keep track of which items you click on and attempt to determine what you’re looking for in terms of content, sources, and other information. Then it will start sorting your streams by “relevance” instead of time. The more use use my6sense, the better the suggestions should get. When you first get started, you might want to hit the Sort by Time option so that you can look through recent status updates and start clicking away to give the app some data to work with, otherwise the relevant results might not be so great.

You can also apply filters so that only Tweets with embedded links will be shown, or so that no messages older than 24, 48, or 72 hours will be displayed.

Overall, it seems like an interesting concept — and a good way to make sure you don’t miss important items. The only trouble I had this morning is that the my6sense server appears to be getting hammered thanks to the launch of the new app and I keep getting error messages when I try to hit the refresh button. I was only actually able to see fresh content maybe one out of every six times I clicked refresh.

My6sense is available as a free download from the Android Market. You can also grab the free iOS app from the iTunes App Store.

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