Napster is the company that changed the music industry, pushing the era of digital downloads forward. Sure, it did it by making pirated copies of songs easily accessible for anyone to download for free, and therefore almost got sued into oblivion. But Napster reemerged a while back as a subscription-based music service looking to cash in on the brand recognition of the early peer to peer service.

Meanwhile, Apple is another company that changed the music industry — by proving that people are willing to pay to download songs, if the price is right.

Now like peanut butter and chocolate, the two companies are coming together with the launch of a Napster app for iOS. You can use the Napster app will let you stream any track at any time from Napster’s content library of about 10 million songs from major labels and independent artists. Like competing services Slacker, Thumbplay, and Rdio, Napster offers its app for free, but you’ll have to pay $10 per month to actually use the service.

The Napster app is certainly one of the nicer looking subscription music apps I’ve seen, and it does support caching music for offline listening.

Napster is available as a free download from the US iTunes App Store. It’s not available internationally yet.

via Engadget

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