The folks at the iPhone Dev Team have uncovered a new exploit in iOS 4.1 devices that they’re calling SHAtter. The exploit hasn’t finished building a tool that you can actually use to jailbreak new devices yet, but work is underway, and in the video after the break you can see the early results.

What’s even more interesting is that it looks like the exploit also affects the new Apple TV set top box, which runs iOS 4.1. That means that while Apple officially isn’t supporting third party apps on the Apple TV yet, it might not be that long before you can install the software of your choice on the new $99 set top box.

via Engadget

Brad Linder

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  1. Tank you, Dev-team, you are heros. But the key trouble for me is whether i should jailbreak my iphone ? I am very hesitating, as i heared that the Apple will released the new patent product which can recognition the jialbroken user and limited the iphone features , oh ,that is horrible at first , i just cared about the movie features and my Aneesoft iphone video converter , but if the IOS limited the features and i can’t watch movies on iphone after Apple publish the new security product , what should i do ?

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