Nokia is busy convincing the world that it’s still relevant in the smartphone space this week, with the introduction of several new phones including the Nokia E7, C6, and C7. But to really compete in the smartphone space you need software, not just hardware, and Nokia’s got some new software to showcase as well.

One of the biggest updates coming from Nokia this week is a new version of Ovi Maps for Symbian devices. Ovi Maps has long offered driving and walking navigation and basic search and location features. The new version includes traffic flow information and the ability to check-in on a number of social networks using the Maps app.

Navigation is available in 78 different countries, and there’s now support for public transit on subways, trams, and trains in more than 80 cities. The search feature has also been updated with suggestions and a “did you mean?” correction feature.

You can also now “share a place” by sending your location to a contact over SMS or email. Finally, there are new palce pages with details about nearby places including descriptions, pictures, and reviews.

Overall, Nokia Ovi Maps sounds a lot like Google Maps — but with check-in support and more driving assistance features including speed limit warnings and safety camera alerts.

You can check out a few demo videos after the break.

via MobileCrunch

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