Out of Milk is a free app for Google Android 1.5 and up that lets you create three different types of lists: Shopping, To Do, and Spice Rack.

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The To Do list is probably the simplest of the bunch, letting you create multiple lists with as many items as you like. When you’re done with an item on your list, just tap on it and click “Done.” You can also edit, move, or delete items on your list.

The Shopping list works pretty much the same way — but there’s one killer feature: Support for barcode scanning. Want to add items to your shopping list without taking the time to tap out words on the keyboard? Just scan the barcode on that empty cereal box in your cupboard and Out of Milk will add the item to your list.

The Spice Rack lets you create a list of spices in your cabinet and includes a preloaded list of common spices so you can just pick the ones you have instead of entering them manually.

Out of Milk also lets you share lists by email or SMS.

The only thing keeping me from switching from Astrid to Out of Milk full time is that it currently doesn’t offer a way to synchronize your tasks with an online service such as Remember the Milk.

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    1. Yup, but you have to be an RTM Pro subscriber to use it. I’ve been toying with the idea of signing up for a while though, because I really think Astrid is too clunky for my needs.

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