Firefox makers Mozilla are hard at work building a mobile version of their popular desktop web browser. Right now, the team’s efforts are focused on Google Android and Maemo Linux, but developer Dave Townsend took it upon himself to take a recent build of Fennec (the code-name for Firefox Mobile) and port it to run on Palm WebOS. He calls it PreFox.

In other words  you can run an early build of Firefox Mobile on the Palm Pre and Pixi.

There are still some issues. It has a tendency to crash, takes a long time to bot and uses a lot of memory. But PreFox does have basic functionality, allowing you to surf the web, install some add-ons, and open multiple browser tabs.

Townsend also points out that unlike the default WebOS browser, Fennec and PreFox can remember passwords and also works with sites including Flickr that require advanced browser functionality. Towsend is currently seeking beta testers to help kick the tires.

via PreCentral

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