Research in Motion has just announced that it is opening up the popular BlackBerry Messenger platform to third party developers. That means you’ll be able to send messages to your contacts from any app that supports the service, instead of leaving an app to open the messenger.

Blackberry is positioning the service as a new BBM Social platform, which includes access to contact lists, user profiles, and data transfer.

The announcement came out of the keynote of the BlackBerry Developer Conference this afternoon. RIM also announced BlackBerry Payments and BlackBerry Advertising Service, which will allow developers to accept payments within apps and use RIM’s new in-house ad network. Overall, it sounds like these two features are a direct response to Apple’s iAds and in-app payment services.

There’s also a new BlackBerry Analytics Service which developers can use to track the success of their apps free of charge.

via CrackBerry and Engadget

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