Apple iOS and Google Android may hog the headlines in the app store wars. But they’re hardly the only games in town. There are also app stores for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, WebOS, and Symbian. Samsung also has its own branded app store, cleverly called Samsung Apps.

The Samsung Apps store was launched a year ago and is now available in 109 countries. At launch the app store only offered software for Samsung’s internet connected television sets. Then in June Samsung launched the first smartphone using Samsung’s bada operating system.

The company says that more than 14 million bada apps have been downloaded since the Samsung Wave phone was launched in June, which ain’t bad for a young platform.

What we don’t know is just how many third party apps are available for bada. Apple boasts over 250,000 apps while there are more than 80,000 for Google Android. Even when you cut out the spammy titles, there’s a far better chance that you’ll find an app to meet your needs if you go with a platform that has a large app store than a younger one — with Samsung bada we don’t know if the same app was downloaded 14 million times or if one user downloaded 14 million different apps — although I suspect that the truth is probably somewhere between those extremes. Call it a hunch.

via Slashgear

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