Slacker is a streaming music service that offers custom radio stations based on your musical tastes, much like Pandora, Rdio, and Spotify, just to name a few others. Slacker also offers apps for BlackBerry, Android, iOS, WebOS, and Windows Mobile. Like many of its competitors, the basic Slacker service doesn’t provide on-demand access to any song at any time, but rather creates “stations” based on songs, artists, or genre. There are also a number of presets, including “top stations” and “Slacker Spotlight,” if you’re feeling too lazy to enter an artist or song name to get started on your own.

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You can use Slacker Radio for free, but the free version limits the number of songs you can skip in a given period and includes advertisements. For $3.99 per month you can go ad-free and skip as many songs as you like. This plan also lets you cache songs for offline listening.

This week Slacker also a Slacker Premium Radio plan which runs $9.99 per month and igives you the ability to play any song in Slacker’s library any time you like. Slacker has a few million songs to choose from, so that’s a pretty good deal — if you don’t mind spending $120 a year on a subscription music service. This plan won’t be available until November though.

I took Slacker Radio’s basic app for a spin on my Nexus One, and the audio quality and music selection is good, but I can see how the ads would get annoying enough after a while to justify springing for one of the paid plans.

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