Transfering photos and other images from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to another device is usually a pretty painless process. But what if you have a few HD videos that you want to send? Most email services place limits on file sizes, which means if you want to shoot a 1GB video file to your buddy, you’re going to have to find another route — like maybe using Transfer Big Files.

Transfer Big Files is a web-based service that lets you do exactly what you’d think it does. You upload files, get a link that you can share with other users, and they can download those files. The iPhone app lets you upload photos and videos from an Apple iOS device and shoot an email to your intended recipient once the files are ready to download.

The mobile app is free, and all users who register for a free account will get 2GB of online storage space. The first 100,000 people to download the mobile app and sign up for a new account will actually get 5GB of storage space. If you need more storage than that, you can pay to upgrade your account.

Transfer Big Files is available as a free download from the App Store.

via SlashGear

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