TweetDeck has already pushed out several updates to its Android app since launching the first public beta a few weeks ago. This week the company put out a new version which has a couple of new features, most notably three new widgets that you can place on your Home Screen.

There are three new widgets, including a compose, column, and bar widget. The column widget is a 2 x 3 box that lets you view the latest messages from one of your TweetDeck columns (Direct Messages, Home, Me, etc), while the Bar widget is a 4 x 1bar that you can place on your screen for quick access to those same columns in the full TweetDeck app.

The compose widget lets you jot a quick status update from your home screen — without first loading TweetDeck. You can also hit the camera icon in the compose widget to quickly snap a photo and upload it. The software is still in beta, so don’t be surprised if you find a few bugs. For instance, while I was able to compose a message using the compose widget, the text box was ridiculously small and it cut off the text on the yellow “Send” button. You can see what I mean in one of the screengrabs after the break.

TweetDeck Beta 0.9.8 for Android is available as a free download.

via Android Police

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