The Dell Axim X50v and X51v were ahead of their time. These PDAs were released more than 5 years ago, yet they had 624MHz processors, Intel 2700G 3D multimedia accelerators, and 640 x 480px VGA displays. Up until a year or two ago, you would have been hard pressed to find a smartphone with better specs.

Unfortunately Dell stopped supporting these devices ages ago. Fortunately, the hacker community has kept them alive. A few months ago a member of the xda-developers community released a “lite” version of Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic for the Dell Axim X51v. It takes into account the fact that the PDA has just 64MB of RAM, but still brings updates including Internet Explorer 6 mobile and Office Mobile 2010.

The unofficial Windows Mobile 6.5 build also supports the Axim’s graphics accelerator and comes with a few apps built in including the excellent TCPMP media player.

via Pocket Hacks

Brad Linder

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