The WordPress mobile app for iOS is designed to make it easy to read and edit comments, write posts (using a somewhat clunky HTML-only interface), and upload photos from your phone to your blog. Soon you’ll also be able to upload video. The developers behind the WordPress iOS app have submitted a new version to the App Store which includes a number of improvements, but the biggest change is that the Photos tab has been replaced with a Media tab for uploading images and movies.

Blog Herald has the details, as well as some screenshots. The upshot is that the app will let you shoot a video with your phone and upload it to your WordPress site without using YouTube or some other intermediary service to host your videos.

On the other hand, the new version still lags behind the Android and BlackBerry apps in terms of text formatting. Both of those apps have buttons you can use to add hyperlinks, or to underline, bold, or italicize text. The iOS version does not.

Brad Linder

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