Need to grab a file from your Android phone’s SD card but too lazy to plug in a USB cable? WiFi File Explorer is a free app that can help. Basically you run the app on your phone and it creates a simple web server allowing you to access your files from any computer connected to your home network.

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When you fire up the mobile app it will give you a URL you can enter in a web browser to access a list of files and folders on your SD card. From there you can download files, create ZIP archives of folders and download them in one fell swoop, or even grab a URL which you can use to stream audio and video files from your phone to a desktop media player.

There’s also a Pro version which runs about $1 which you can use to upload files to your phone. The free version also shows ads on the mobile app, while the Pro version is ad-free.

As the name suggests, you’ll need a WiFi network to use WiFi File Explorer. It doesn’t work over 3G at all.

via Lifehacker

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