Microsoft’s My Phone service for Windows Mobile lets you backup data from your phone, share photos on social networking sites, access some of you’re phone’s information from any web browser, and locate a missing phone on a map. Basically, it’s Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s MobileMe. Except it’s free.

While Microsoft is changing the name of its mobile platform from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7, the company is keeping the My Phone service. The folks at WMpoweruser have snagged a screenshot of the new web interface, which lets you find your phone’s location on a map or make the phone ring in case you simply misplaced it in your other coat pocket.

You can also lock the phone and display a message if you think you left it in a cab and are hoping the person who found it might be inclined to return it. Or if you’ve got sensitive data that shouldn’t leak into the hands of the Chinese, you can remotely wipe your phone and restore the factory settings.

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  1. I agree. I think I might be done with Android. WinPhone7 sounds like win. Especially the HD7 rumored specs.

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