Adobe AIR for Google Android launched this week, making it easy for Adobe Flash and AIR developers to port their apps to run on Google Android devices. There are already dozens of AIR-based apps available for download from the Android Market, but some are clearly more useful than others. While the Bill Cosby bobble-head toy might provide a few seconds of diversion, the I <3 AIR app couldn’t be much more useless. SkyTunes, on the other hand looks like a pretty decent AIR-based app for streaming music from your PC to your phone.

If you’re looking for a few cool AIR-based apps to justify installing the 16MB runtime on your phone, you might want to hit up AppBrain. The Android app directory has a good list of popular apps built for the AIR platform. All of the apps are available for download from the Android Market, or you can use AppBrain’s tools to push the apps directly from the web site to your phone.

Brad Linder

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