Apple’s FaceTime app lets iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch users make free video calls over the internet to other iDevice users. Today Apple announced that it’s also bringing FaceTime support the Mac to compliment the iChat software which already lets Mac users mac computer to computer video calls.

That means you can make a call from a Mac to an iPhone 4, or a call from an iPod touch to a Mac user… or mix and match as you like.

A beta version of FaceTime for Mac is now available for download. The app lets you call anybody from your contact list, no matter which platform their using (as long as it’s not Windows).

The app supports windowed or full screen mode, and the video window on your Mac will automatically shift from portrait to landscape mode if you’re chatting with someone as they rotate their phone.

You can check out a few more photos from today’s Apple event after the break.

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2 replies on “Apple launches FaceTime app for OS X”

  1. Your headline is incorrect. Facetime is not coming to iChat. It is a completely separate app and does not add anything to iChat.

    1. Sorry about that. During the news conference Steve Jobs mentioned iChat, and I started writing a little too quickly. I’ve updated the post to reflect what’s actually been launched.

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