Now that handsets with Windows Phone 7 are starting to ship in some parts of the globe, a handful of customers are inevitably wondering “how to do I get this thing to sync with my Mac?” Well, as promised, Microsoft is working on it.

PC users can sync their music, movies, and other data with a PC using the Zune Desktop software. But Zune Desktop isn’t available for Mac. Instead, Microsoft plans to launch a Mac app called Windows Phone 7 Connector which offers users tools to synchronize their data and manage theirmedia.

The software’s not available to the public yet, but a number of reviewers have gotten their hands on beta versions. Electric Pig reports that the app can grab your iTunes content and playlists and transfer them to your phone. Pocket Lint reports that the app also grabs data from iPhoto, and allows you to either synchronize your media automatically or manually.

While the Mac application doesn’t let you purchase media from the Zune Marketplace, you should be able to purchase music on your phone and then transfer it to your Mac, since the music is DRM-free, but the folks at Pocket Lint say that feature isn’t working properly yet.

A public beta of Windows Phone 7 Connector for mac should be available on October 24th.

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