AudioPress is a new iOS app that lets you create audio playlists with podcasts and internet radio stations. There’s also a category for “AudioArticles,” with the latest news stories from The Associated Press and other news sources — but there’s currently no content available in the AudioArticles directory.

As a streaming podcast client, AudioPress works pretty well and couldn’t be much easier to set up. When you first launch the app, you simply select 3 categories from a list of 12 including News, TV and Movies, Science and Medicine, Technology, Comedy and others. AudioPress will create a playlist with popular podcasts from each of those categories. You can also manually add or remove podcasts from the playlist or create a new playlist altogether.

The app streams podcasts over the internet, so you don’t actually download the audio to your device until you’re ready to listen. From the playlist menu you can pick the podcast you want to listen to, skip, pause, play, or skip ahead or back by thirty seconds or drag the timeline to find a spot in the podcast.

The Radio Stations category is a lot less polished. Don’t get me wrong, you can find online radio streams and listen to them. The problem is that the AudioPress directory seems to be pretty small right now. I couldn’t find the stream for my local public radio station or my favorite online-only music station.

The app is still pretty new, and I’m hopeful that AudioPress will add additional online radio stations in the future, because overall the app has the makings of a pretty decent all-in-one internet audio app. There’s even a feature that lets you listen to the latest weather updates from across the country — which AudioPress translates from text to speech with an only mildly annoying digital voice. The company plans to add other non-weather content to the “MyUpdates” category as well.

AudioPress is currently available as a free download from the App Store.

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