Barnes & Noble is planning to launch an updated version of its NOOK eBook app for Android later this week, and it will finally bring some pretty basic features that may help the app compete with similar eBook readers from Amazon, Kobo, and others.

Among the updated features are:

  • “Go to” a page number
  • Search within a book
  • View highlights and notes
  • Delete books from the library
  • Easier way to side-load content

The new NOOK for Android (version 2.3) app will be available in the Android Market later this week.

My biggest problem with the original NOOK app is that it simply took up too much space on my phone. I’ll be curious to see if the update addresses that issue.

Barnes & Noble will also soon release version 1.5 of its software for the physical NOOK eBook reader, with support for synchronizing your data across devices, so you can pick up reading where you left off, no matter whether you’re using a PC, iPhone, Android device, or the NOOK device.

Brad Linder

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