Apple has a long history of rejecting any iOS app that has anything to do with BitTorrent. While BitTorrent is just a technology for sharing files over the internet and downloading files from multiple sources at the same time, BitTorrent is often used to share copyrighted material illegally, which is why Apple has typically rejected apps that let you download files using BitTorrent.

But somehow developer Derek Kepner managed to get his new BitTorrent software into the app store recently. IS Drive is a $4.99 app that lets you use Imageshack‘s torrent download tool on an iPhone or iPod touch. Right now that means you can only really use Imageshack Torrent Drive which is available to premium customers.

But IS Drive is basically a modified version of Jack Torrents, an app that’s available the Cydia Store for jailbroken Apple devices — and Jakc Torrents lets users search for torrents from isoHunt and Mininova. If Apple doesn’t pull IS Drive from the app store, Kepner says he’ll add a feature that will let users add their own torrent search engines.

TorrentFreak reports that it’s likely the reason IS Drive was approved is because Kepner went out of his way not to use “torrent” in the name or description. Now that the app is getting a bit of attention though, we’ll see soon enough whether Apple reacts.

Update: Well, it was nice while it lasted. Developer Derk Kepner confirms that the app has been pulled.

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