BuzzVoice is a mobile app for iOS and Android that basically reads the news to you out loud. It uses text to speech technology to read the stories out loud to you.

Honestly, like most speech to text apps, the digital voices are kind of annoying, but at least the phrasing and pacing is pretty good. And if you’re in the car or in another location where you want to hear the news but can’t stop to read it, BuzzVoice could come in handy. It could also be very useful for sight impaired smartphone users.

The app has about 1600 news sites and blogs in its directory, allowing you to find news by searching. You can also add any site to your personal playlist as long as it has an RSS feed.

There are also a list of BuzzVoice “radio” stations which let you listen to the top stories in a number of categories, including Android, Apple, Celebrities, Politics, Sports, or Tech.

This week BuzzVoice launched updated versions of its mobile apps, and they’re now available as free, ad-supported downloads for iOS and Android. The new iPhone app also supports background audio streaming and a feature that lets you control playback with the buttons on your headset.

You can check out a demo video after the break.

via Android Community

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