While webOS was built from the ground up as a new operating system, effectively severing support for old school PalmOS apps, Palm partnered with a company called MotionApps to develop an app called Classic. Basically, it’s a PalmOS emulation layer for webOS, allowing webOS users to run classic Palm apps on the Palm Pre or Pixi.

Unfortunately, it looks like the recently launched webOS 2.0 won’t be able to run Classic… which means it won’t be able to run old PalmOS apps.

MotionApps says that Palm and HP released webOS 2.0 without providing the tools necessary to run Classic. As a result, Motionapps has decided to cease development of future versions of Classic. The company doesn’t seem all too happy about it, and claims that Palm’s changes are “contrary to our agrement with Palm.” MotionApps will continue to support the existing version of its software for now.

via Palm InfoCenter

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3 replies on “Classic Palm apps won’t run on webOS 2.0”

  1. Thanks for this decision, HP, this is a very bad news and I understand motionapps. Their classic was the product wich influenced my decision to buy a Palm again. My money is lost. Frankly speaking, I’ll never buy a product of HP again – sorry.

  2. I have been Palm user for years but it’s time to move on to the next level, everything is moving to the cloud and PalmOs is just old hat. Those companies that wrote great software for PalmOs can now move to WebOs.

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