Like a number of other phones, the Google Nexus One has an FM radio built in, but you’d never know that if you’re running the software that comes with the phone. But if you’re willing to void your warranty and replace the stock software with a custom build, it appears you can now access the radio.

The latest build of the popular CyanogenMod software includes support for the FM radio in the Nexus One, as well as a radio app for changing channels and listening to the radio.

If you’re hoping for a complete and stable release you might want to hold off a little while. This is a nightly build, meaning it hasn’t been thoroughly tested and could still contain some bugs. Still, if you’re sick of tuning into your local radio stations by dialing up their low quality internet audio streams, it might be worth checking out CyanogenMod.

I’ll probably stick with my stock software for now. I’ve rooted my phone, but I’ve put too much time into customizing my settings and installed apps to start over from scratch. Hopefully someone will release a tool soon that lets stock Nexus One users enable the radio as well.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the FM radio app. It’s also available in the MIUI ROM for the Nexus One and HTC Desire.

Also, if you’d prefer volume icons instead of Chinese characters on the sides, it looks like there’s an app that takes care of that.

via Android Central and Reddit

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