The folks behind the popular Dolphin Browser HD for Google Android have launched version 4.0. Like its predecessors, Dolphin Browser HD 4.0 supports gesture-based commands, tabbed browsing, and add-ons. But there are also a number of new features and some major bug fixes.

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The latest version of the browser supports bookmark folders and multiple languages (12 of them for now). It also includes tweaked swiping action, making it harder to accidentally slide out the side bar accidentally.

There’s also a new page management feature that lets you add a bookmark, find information on a page, select text, copy or share a page URL, or save a page by long-pressing on the URL bar.

If you’re already using Dolphin Browser HD, you probably received a note letting you know that an update is available in the Anndroid Market. If you’re not, you might want to check it out. Dolphin Browser HD is one of the most full-featured browsers available for Google Android. I’ve been using it as my default web browser for the last few months.

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