Droid Explorer is a powerful tool for managing your Android phone from a Windows desktop. The only catch is that you’ll need to root your phone and install Busybox in order for Droid Explorer to work, but to be honest, you probably wouldn’t need many of the tools the app offers if you weren’t the sort of person that was going to root your phone anyway.

At its most basic level, Droid Explorer is a file manager that lets you explore your phone’s files and directories. You can also copy files to and from your mobile device using the app, or delete, rename, or otherwise change files.

Other tools built into the app include a screenshot utility and a screencast app for capturing images and videos of your phone in action — although on my system, I found the screencasts looked pretty lousy due to incredibly low frame rates.

There are also tools for backing up applications installed on your device, installing applications stored on your desktop, batch installing apps, opening a console or a debug console, rebooting your device, or rebooting to recovery mode. You can also apply ROM updates or flash a recovery image — which will let you install a custom ROM on your device.

The app has been confirmed to work on about 10 different Android phones including the Motorola Droid, Google Nexus One, and Samsung Galaxy S.

Droid explorer is available as a free download… but be careful. It’s beta software, and it’s designed to give you access to areas of your phone that Google intentionally kept out of reach, because mucking around with some of these tools and settings could damage your phone, or at least the preloaded operating system.

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Brad Linder

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