The developer of Fancy Widget earned a bit of fame a while back by launching a Home Screen widget for Google Android that looked almost exactly like the default time and weather widget from HTC Sense. Unfortunately (and predictably) he was asked to stop offering that app, which he did.

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Now he’s back with a new app, also called Fancy Widget. It offers the same basic functionality by offering a combined time and weather widget with support for Celcius and Fahrenheit, configurable refresh intervals, and attractive weather icons. But it’s been redesigned to not look quite so HTC Sense-like.

Aside from using a redesigned digital clock and new weather icons, the new app is also more stable and should work better on a wider range of devices. It also supports sunrise and sunset times and the ability to tap on the widget to launch an application.

Fancy Widget v2 is available as a free download from the Android Market. If you have the old version installed, you will not be prompted to update, since the new version is for all intents and purposes a new app.

Brad Linder

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