Sure, quality matters more than quantity… but when you’re trying to decide between a phone that can run a few thousand apps, such as a Palm Pre or a new Windows Phone 7 handset, and one that can run 300,000 apps like the iPhone… well, it’s hard not to notice a bit of a disparity. That’s why it’s notable that Google Android Dev team sent out a message via Twitter today claiming that there are now more than one hundred thousand apps in the Android Market.

Apple still has 3 times as many items in the iTunes App Store, and it’s going to be hard for Google or anyone else to catch up to Apple at this point. But nobody else has come nearly as close as Google… at least in the mobile space.

What do you think? Do you actually care how many apps are available in a mobile platform’s official app store once the number climbs past, say, 10,000? Or do you care more about whether the specific apps you want are actually available?

via Android Community

Brad Linder

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2 replies on “Google Android Market now has more than 100,000 apps”

  1. I only care if the dozen or so apps I actually use are available. Who cares how many apps are available if most of them are junk. How many users have 100,000 apps on there phone?

  2. Agree completely. The only significance re: volume of apps available is that it just widens the possibility that more choices for certain apps exist from more developers. E.g., more choices and varieties for task managers, email clients, calendaring, web browsers, etc. Who cares about farting apps and other shite that make up the bulk of these numbers? It’s productivity and quality entertainment that matter.

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